Jerry Adamo(non-registered)
Love your images. I was going to say love your work but its not work its art. Thank you for sharing.
Jackie Stevens(non-registered)
Thank you Christian.
Christian Downward(non-registered)
You are very talented.
Jackie Stevens Images
Thank you Saul. Very appreciative coming from a fellow artist....All my best, Jackie.
saul addison(non-registered)
Outatanding work, love your images Jackie
Grimalkin Studio(non-registered)
Terrific lifestyle images Jackie ...You really caught some wonderful expressions.
From Jackie to Gregory:(non-registered)
Thank you, and always felt, don't hold back, and to go for it.
From Jackie to Scott:(non-registered)
Thank you so much for your note on my show.
Scott Cahill(non-registered)
Terrific work. Some of those desert landscapes look very familiar.
Gregory Rogalsky(non-registered)
Inspiring work Jackie.. you have a great eye... Monster talent...
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