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Why Photography should be social?

June 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

November 2016 {After photography seminar}.

Having lunch with another photographer in NYC, the table next to us is a group of photographers, including a personal photographer of a famous celebrity.  After a quick conversation, lead to rearranging of chairs and tables as the six of us sit together and share our most challenging photo shoots, detailing the worse possible conditions.  As I listen, these stories include running from a bear, freezing rain locking the car doors (with equipment and clothes inside), recovering a camera from the bottom of a river amazingly dry in a ziploc bag, and a real runaway bride.  We laugh as the stories rotate from person to person.  In the span of three hours, no one reveals their cell phone, to share their photos or to check an urgent message.  The conversation remains fluid full of energy, passion, and respect for one another.

The professional photographers surrounding me use words describing their technical challenges, visualizing the clear image before us in our minds.  We revel of the pure modesty and gratefulness as professionals, we remain relevant.  We share information, exchange ideas, and instantly become a team.  We capture images, share in the delight of others with hopes to tell a story, an impact, to preserve, to remember, and to inspire.

Photo taken: June 2013.


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