The Artistic Lab Q&A Session with Jackie Stevens

June 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Your newest additions to the Alternative Collection are receiving attention.  

A: Can you tell us: Where does the inspiration come from for this collection?  

J: I was showing my artwork to a friend at a Gallery reception, it was said, "You should try Art."  That came to no surprise, as I consider my artwork as Fine Art Photography.  Traditional photography was becoming too traditional. People come into my life at amazing moments, and have strongly influenced me in a positive light.  I am grateful for this.  I was able to see a person experimenting in a particular medium which appeared to be their first time; there was evidence of uninhibited creation filled with risks.  I was drawn to that, and started experimenting in that fashion.  I paid attention to chemicals and lifting of transparencies adhering to film and final prints.  The process was repeated several times, and the results are never the same.  

A: Do you use Photoshop to manipulate these images? 

J: Yes, yet I feel it is not necessary to use it all the time, less is more where images themselves become Art.  

A: What is the piece called?  What is it?  

J: This piece is called Goldfish, there is only one Goldfish in the image, can you spot it? 

A: I think so, is that it?  What are you planning to do with these images?

J: Continue on my journey to be inspired, and make art.  These images would be best displayed on acrylic.  Upon closing this body of work, I may select a few images and print on acrylic.  

A: Can I have one?

J: Of course! 


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